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About Us

Imagine being able to anticipate the desires of your customers – To find the right products, to deliver them in the right retail environment and at the right price point.

 Our team have the market knowledge and expertise to choose collections that will give your business a fresh edge.

 Kurate, previously known as JCI Jewellery, has been designing, manufacturing and distributing beautiful, classic and unique 9 ct Gold, sterling silver and base metal jewellery from 1985.

 With over 30 years’ experience in the jewellery industry, Kurate has the expertise to develop the perfect pieces of jewellery customers desire. Anticipating the customers wants and more importantly needs, has been and will continue to be Kurate’s forte.

 With high quality product and customer service at its core, Kurate’s values have led to great growth and success, enabling Kurate international’s portfolio to expand. For more information about all that Kurate international has to offer check out http://www.kurateinternational.com/